Pet Grooming In Tallahassee

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About Us
Hey Everyone!!!
We are a local Tallahassee couple that have been in the grooming business for quite some time! We recently aquired the shop and have been making some big changes and renovations! We have a small staff that are ready to cater to you and your furbabies. We are certified in pet nutrition as well so we can aim you in the right direction to get your baby as healthy as possible. My husband Brandon is one of the few people in Tallahassee that grooms CATS, yes cats, not only does he groom them but he uses no sedation and no muzzle. Our idea is to make this pet spa as comfortable for you and your pet as possible, we want this to be an enjoyable experience. We are here for you in any way just call us and let us know! I really want you to know we are not only groomers we are pet specialists and our concern if to help you care fo your pet in the best possible way, so when you call just ask for Brandon or Stephanie We are always here for you and your babies!